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watching 5sos feels like your watching real life porn but it involves 4/4 hot guys with guitars and 2/4 with holes in there t-shirts and 2/4 with hardcore sex faces * coughs* michael *cough* ashton *cough* 

ashton singing michael wants another slice is like your watching a porn video but only based on his movements and his face 

Anonymous asked: I ship you with cal😎 you'd be so cute with him!. I have dyed dark red hair and green eyes 👀 I like bands…alot 😂, my wardrobe is mainly dark colours 🌚 (P.S I LOVE YOUR BLOG❤️❤️)


THANKS DUDE :) and cal or ash

hurlockholmesoriginal asked: I ship you with Mikey! uh, i'm 5'10. I'm really loud and apparently i'm very funny. 90% of what i say is sarcasm, i dislike a lot of things but i love hella things very deeply like thunderstorms, rain, cuddles and being alone/silences. i spend the majority of my time on the internet x


mike or ash

adventuretime-girl asked: i totally ship you with mashton! ☺️💗( btw. i love your lips omg, they're so nice! does that sound weird? hahah) about me: i'm 16 years old, 5'6,i have really bright blue eyes, mid-long turquoise hair (naturally brunette) i sing, dance & act, i am obsessed with sleep and video games, my style is a mix of casual, hipster and a bit punk. i collect sneakers, and um .. i'm sometimes very loud and annoying. yes. ☺️💗


AW THANKS YOU BBS :) and it’s not weird everyone says they love my lips lol I found it weird the first time but I got used to it already :) and luke or ash 💘

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