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so it’s 2 am 😎

if you want or if your bored in the part of world your from - send in random people names like famous guys names and we will play * drum roll * FUCK MARRY KILL 😁😁 and don’t worry you guys will be answer some of my fuck marry kill so

FIRST ONE: who will you fuck marry or kill ?

Theo James
Luke Hemmings
Ansel Elgort

luke is that type of person who will go to a playground and try and fit his ass in the baby swing but will get stuck and start singing out nickleback songs cause that’s the punk rock things to do

calum is that type of person to walk into the movies to see tfios and then instead of crying he will cough and hold in his tears but once he is in the car he will play ” all by myself ” on blast while eating a twister cause that the punk rock thing to do

ashton is that type of person to sit in a little kids chair and drink a sippy juice while watching manly movies cause that the punk rock thing to do

michael is that type of person that will walk into a store and start dancing for no reason cause he believes it’s the punk rock thing to do

the amnesia music video got me fucked up

just chose the people to be part of the collab channel :) YAY IM SO EXCITED



oh my god WHAT !! your so pretty don’t say that

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